Kid Ink – GoldenEye Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Come with me if you wanna live

(Verse 1)
Through the city, baby, you can come and ride the tour
I can still feel it from the night before
Hop on a new wave and made it back to shore
Spent it all tonight, tomorrow make it back for sure
Come and follow me if you wanna live
New s**t so strong you only need a little of it
The clock quarter past 3 and everybody still here
I got high the first time and that’s the way I still feel

Come with me if you wanna live
I got needs I gotta fulfill
Come with me if you wanna live
My only enemy is looking in the mirror
Come with me if you wanna live
Come with me if you wanna live

(Verse 2)
I’m always thinking that the cops is at the door
All these drugs, I still feel it from the week before
Got the plug, baby, mean that I got plenty more coming
Bass make her drop down to the floor keep drumming oh
Feel the beat, I can feel the freak
Energy if you throw the pass, I’ma intercept
And TD, way you handle that, baby you the real MVP
Roll that tree without no sesames, let me set you free
Golden Eye, put that golden gun on ya double piece
Double 0 secret agent James Bond, James Dean
How I drive, catch me speeding past the 5
I grab her hand she grab my d**k
And said she need that pacifier

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mirror, mirror on the wall it ain’t no higher than
Got that fire why I’m hot, you ain’t been hot since M.I.M.S
No denying I got priors with your type of friends
Shawty perc, pop a perc, listen in the bricks
Every day I’m making plays with no intermission
A two seater you can hit them corners in a Bentley
Got that swisher sweet revenge out for all my enemies
Tootsie Roll, throw a roll at Tootsies in Miamie

(Repeat Chorus)