Swizz Beatz Featuring Scarface – Sad News Lyrics

Little boy got shot down today
A little boy got shot down today
I hope his family is okay
I hope his family is okay
Is it our race that pay
Is it our race that pay
Is it our race that pay
Is it our race that pay
I hope the whole world be okay
I hope the world will be okay
Get on ya knees and pray
Get on ya knees and pray
We hope the whole world be okay, okay
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay

(Verse 1)
See the story from Houston
From a little boy that was goin to the store
For his mother for some groceries
He had his hoodie on, yea
He had his hoodie on
Mistaken identity for robbery and theft
Man they took that last boy breath
Man they took that last boy breath
The police not guilty, the police not guilty
Even was the wrong ID police still f**king not guilty

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Shot down for the dope and the dollar sign
I often sit and wonder could this world be mine, nah
I be lying if I said I ain’t heard em when they told me I was just a ni**a
Nothing but a burden to society
They call the
Wonder why I’m stuck in here reacting to it violently
They hating on me silently
Staring out the back seat of my maybach benz hoe
Like that s**t matter, while my homies and my kin folks suffer
Playin jealous hard motherf**kers, wishing they could be you
Envious, see through
I ain’t scared of the boogey man, f**k em
If Trump want war I give to him, gon buck em
America with three K’s
Freedom got a shotgun
For all the homies shot down by white boys and not one convicted
Of wrong doing, is it justice we pursuing
Freedom of death, beat em to death, f**k em
I will awake the sleeping giants, with one last word
One last nerve, me and you are not equal
It’s not about the flag, change the people

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Yea we gotta liven things up
Pray for all the lost ones, lost in the battle
Lost in the battle, all the parents thats lost in the battle
And the fight they can’t battle
Ban all the bad judges, ban all the bad judges
That’s not giving justice
Ban all the judges that’s not giving justice
To the culture, to the culture
They culture vultures, yeaaa
Ban all the, ban all corruption
Our culture so beautiful
We talk to the people
We walk together we some equals
No big I’s and no little you’s
No big I’s, no little you’s
We all together this time
We shoot together this time
Stick together this time
Your color my color hey color how I color