Jaden Smith – LABOR V2 Lyrics

Eighteen, yeah
Eighteen, eighteen, eighteen, yeah
Eighteen, eighteen, eighteen, yeah
Eighteen, eighteen, eighteen, yeah
Eighteen, eighteen, eighteen, yeah
Eighteen, eighteen, eighteen, yeah
Eighteen, eighteen, eighteen, yeah
Eighteen, eighteen

Uh, man I need to finish, I should finish, man I need to finish my album
Go on tour, find Sarah, then I sip vodka kinda like a fountain
Young Calabasas king pin, life is just a journey up a mountain
Get a up and down, scouting, bouncer saying why you bouncing
Just wear my hair up, blow my cover when I walk in, and DJ announce it
You always with the model chicks, they ain’t thick, they just weigh a few ounces
I’m a black panther, while me pounce quick, get the fire hose, finna douse them
I don’t mess with the rap game, me and Raury chillin in the Falcon
Ain’t gone fill me up, with your doubt pen talk which girl saying how can this lil joker fit a thousand words in a sentence like a Malcom X Y Z don’t try me
MSFTS around the globe regard me highly
And I’m running from the cops Cyrus
Man these jokers probably think I’m Miley
Confused teen, and I might be
In-between an innovator and a Hypebeast
And I know you don’t like me
And its just cause you just like me
I just chose not to wear the wife beater, with the Nike’s and the white tees
And now everybody wearing tight jeans
Once upon a time you thought you’d fight me
Well I guess now, we should square up, like my sap ni**as up in Paris
Take a pair of parables and tear em up, for your damn poetry, embarrass us
I’m under ground like I’m Harriet Tubman
Clique is training, we preparing to run sh*t
Feeling lit I’ll take my parents to London
Trust you don’t want this
The clique is reading for the functions
You ain’t ready for the subject
I treat my body like it’s…pay a pretty penny if you touch it
Call me Keanu Oneill
I should hit that with the free throw, swish
Fake ice on my wrist man I’m frio
Aren’t you hit done with the real
Your banana flows they don’t appeal
I told you I’m the man of steel
I believe in Santa still
Cause I got more ice than the snow
I cannot buy no more clothes
I got to the store, it was closed
Imma play this at the shows
I woke up my originals froze
Since when is Jaden golden
I was learning, you ain’t notice, now I came back and I’m on my grown sh*t
Look a baby, you should focus
The ignorance is numbing you, and now I’m spitting this, and novacane is over
Running round the city like a casanova
Peter Piper picked a golden pencil from a shoulder turned a lyricist into a soldier
How many times have I told ya
And how many times am I telling them just because you see the melanin doesn’t mean that I’m a felon and I’m here to show you the intelligence
What is the bulls**t you’re selling them
They just want us all in jail and that
They can take away our right to vote and use the free labor
Ay I know you’re not a slave bruh
And I didn’t even need to say much
Man you knew since you was born there, you were sent down here to save us
But life just keeps throwing s**t at you and you was looking for a break huh?
Huh, well here it is