Fetty Wap – Flossin’ (Freestyle) Lyrics

Wah, wah, aye
1738, yeah baby
Ohuh, oh
Wah, wah, aye
Wah, wah, aye
Wah, wah, aye

I’m flossin, pourin up drank baby
Spent 50k on my jeans baby
I don’t give a f**k what they think baby
Let’s have a date to the bank baby

Aye if you ready then go for it baby
Aye you later like a blow torch baby
Aye and anyone flossin baby
Aye I’m in love like the Carsons baby
Aye Zoo Gang, I’m the boss now baby
Aye Gritty, Mimi, and Stoner now baby
Aye now they know who we are now baby
I’m bent up, I just broke the bank
Roll Backwoods while I smoke this dank
And I’m ballin, he fallin
I don’t know why his b*tch keep callin
It’s the Zoo Gang honcho and Zooville baby
1738, you know who near baby
Left a lot of pu**y ni**as in the rearview baby
I’ll never let these pu**y ni**as near you baby
In my past life, I hope it don’t scare you baby
I’m bossed up, get his ass charged up
Talking like Wu-Tang screamin out Zoo Gang
F**k who you came with
I went from lil block to being famous
My mom was first to feel chains
And I put so much…I swear I flow stranger
Catch me on the highway, Beemers, no Rangers
Big Zoowap ball hard cause they facing
I drink white and dark, I’m not racist
Drop bout 75 on one bracelet
I don’t want your bi**h cause she basic
I drink red, Chicago, not the Lakers
In my kitchen I love to bake it
Baking soda hit the pot and start scraping
Poppa Smurf, big blue bands, boy I’m caking
Poppa Smurf, big blue bands, boy I’m caking

Wop, aye
I’m Mike Jones, Jones
And I stay flossin in that candy paint
Rollin dank
Sippin drank on 84 swangers
Rollin Chevy, rollin baby
Yeah, baby
Yeah, baby
You’re done, you’re done
And I’m flossin sippin that purple drank
On purple sippin that purple drank
Screens fallin rims crawlin
I don’t know why the girls keep callin
Yeah, baby
Oh, oh, oh
1738, Zoovie
Hey, God damn
We only just begun man
Zoothousand sixteen
RGF productions, Zoogang RGF man
You’re done