Keyon Harrold and Andrea Pizziconi – Running ft. Gregory Porter & Common Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Gregory Porter)
Can you see strength in my eyes?
I used to sleep through the night
Then horror they came
There were no lights, no sirens, just guns
It was violent
And I had to run or die

(Chorus – Gregory Porter)
I’m Running
I’m Running
I’m Running
I’m Running

(Verse 2 – Gregory Porter)
So much time wasted in tents
Seventeen years inside a fence
I ran from a war, homeless, no school, no future;
I’m a ghost, but not finished I will rise!

(Pre Chorus – Gregory Porter)
Say, ooh, are we all alone?
Say, no, I’ll never forget my home

(Chorus – Gregory Porter)
Running from the place that I know
I’m running, what direction should I go?
I’m running, so tired and so worn
I won’t stop until I’m safe and strong

(Verse 3 – Common)
Where I’m running to is running through my mind
Always on the run
Am I running out of time?
Darkness in my way
I pray that the sun will shine
Started from the bottom and that was underlined
By the place that I’m from sometimes is un­divine
I hear them songs of freedom, and they running through my mind
Close my eyes imagine a place next to me
Where I can’t be labeled a refugee
Destiny, oh, somewhere down these dark roads
Yeah, we the lost tribe but we found our souls
Cold rain, all pain, I left along the way
I fight through the night, just to find a stronger day

(Repeat Chorus)

(Bridge – Gregory Porter)
Had to flee the place you love
Tough as nails when things got rough
Many fathers told their sons and daughters
Say oooo
Don’t stop running till you’re home!
Say oooo, Refugee song
Say oooo, Refugee song
Say oooo, Refugee song
Say oooo, Refugee song