Troy Ave Murder Charged Dropped In NYC Shooting

Troy Ave is breathing a sigh of relief after prosecutors dropped the murder charge against him.

Ave was indicted on felony murder as a result of the infamous shooting at T.I. concert at the Irving Plaza in New York City last month. TMZ reported that he is still facing five other charges including four counts of criminal possession of a weapon and attempted second degree murder. He could still face several years in prison if convicted on those charges.

Troy Ave Indicted For Deadly Shooting At T.I.’s Concert

The only fatality in the shooting incident was Troy Ave’s bodyguard Ronald McPhatter. Two other persons were injuried including the rapper who was shot in the leg.

The murder charge against Troy was dropped after Ballistics evidence revealed that the bullet that killed McPhatter was not from the gun that the rapper fired that night. Ave was captured on video surveillance firing a gun inside a crowded room back stage the concert.

“The video does not show everything nor explain what happened in the VIP room before Troy came running out, as a victim, after he was shot,” Ave’s, lawyer, Scott Leemon, said.

Troy Ave is still in jail without bail, but his lawyer says that he will be requesting for his release at his upcoming hearing next week.

In related news, Troy Ave now has a new “Free Troy Ave” mixtape out where he proclaims his innocence.