G Herbo – Hail Mary Remix Lyrics

Ni**as already know what it is with me man
G Herbo
We been making it very scary on blocks, No Limit
RIP Ms.Afeni
Aye who in here with me though Twan

(Verse 1)
I ain’t no killer i just be with them
F**k ni**a better not push me
I ain’t pu**y leave you gushing
I once realized upon a time when i escaped demise
I possessed the heart of a lion
Looking homicide right down the eyes
Murder,Blood,Money on my mind
Trapping selling dimes in a line of fire
Shootouts broad day on the 9
Swear i could rewind to those a thousand times
This the life i chose thats fine guess ima tote my iron
Through this lifestyle we still smile
See who got the rawest gat around the guys
Young ni**as living and grew up wild
Walk up man just to see who down to ride
Remember ni**as couldn’t come outside
See clips straight through blocks down to 5
Yes same routine everytime riding round mask, 2 Glocks
No gloves hell nawl we ain’t throwing no guns
These brand new Glocks, I might go to hell
When im smoking mary ni**a im a young 2Pac
50 guns everybody clipped and ready
I dont even know who shot
Look like nowadays everybody stretching world
Ending like the Armageddon
Go and hold tight on my .357
Thinking am i still going to go to heaven
I know my granny there lord let me in
Yeah you know that’ll be a blessing
Send me with the demons all in hell scheming
It’ll be just like im back on Essex
Iced out whores on my necklace
War where im from had to learn none less
Then attack or protect it
Al Capone, Baby Face, Nelson, Biggie Smalls, Pac Resurrection

Come With Me!
Never watched a Homicide
Run quick see
No where to run to now, we gone let them choppas ride
La dadadada dada dah
Come With Me!
Never watched a Homicide
Run quick see
No where to run to now, we gone let them choppas ride
La dadadada dada dah

(Verse 2)
Looking down that barrel of that 40 caliber
You could see the ghost of lucifer
Looking like he coming after ya
I done did the streets before feel like im on another chapter
But everytime im in my city
Mo blood get shed then West Africa
Murders like the boston massacre
Just another day with my savages
Ducking penitentiary chances went against
All them odds and averages
I was on the 8 block everyday posted up
Had my own lil 38 cocked
Me Crazy James, J dot, CJ, Took ten Weezy still on the 8 hot
W2FL had twitter going up hashtag when the tape drop
I was in the streets 24 nights down no love
Lil herb give a f**k if my face hot
What a ni**a gone do to me who is he
No he ain’t true as me , murder on somebody ni**a
If they ever shoot at me
And they say i ride like im bone thugs and harmony
When i start flowing with fluency
People asking me herbo how i remain humble
When ni**as stay talking bout doing me
Focusing on the road, had to pull out some shows
A couple still talking bout sueing me
Young Pac in the flesh, Glock on my waist
Gold chain on top of my vest
Hit em up and soon as i get around my ambitionz
As a rider yall know the rest
My ambition as a rider in a black S550
Flipping through Nevada
Do the strip like it dont matter
Anything for the cake f*** around and take yo batter
And I use to have dreams of being above the rim
On the court shooting hoops but instead
I was posted on Essex me capo, and lil roc
Toted jocks with the juice

(Repeat Chorus)