Snow Tha Product ft. PnB Rock – Alright Lyrics

(Intro – Snow That Product)
Then I hit you back like Something
Then I hit you back like Something isn’t
You say you working, you say you tired
Then I hit you back like something isn’t right
I say I’m working, I’m on my grind
Then you texting me like Something’s on your mind

(Verse 1 – Snow Tha Product)
You be calling me up anytime
Why, you be all up in my timeline
Constantly stressing me then when I need you
You say you too busy to find time
Then I be blowing your line
I’m calling you back to back
I’m like Why can’t we get it together?
I swear neither one of us is in our right mind

(Chorus – Snow That Product & PnB Rock)
Then I tell you, You ain’t s**t and then we fight
And then we fight, yeah
Then I hit your line like everything’s alright
Then I tell you this is it, it, it” and then we fight
And then we fight, yeah
And you hit me up like, everything’s alright
Everything is alright
And then I call it quits, you crossed the line
I crossed the line
And then tomorrow everything’s alright
Everything is alright
And we both say this is it, it, it and then we fight
Oh yeah
And then it’s right back one more time

(Verse 2 – PnB Rock)
I be calling you up any time, right
Ain’t you supposed to be my wife?
Girl you be tripping, you swear I be slipping
Whole time I be out here on my grind
Why ain’t you up when I find time?
No matter what you think I’m lying
You swear I be letting go, I’m always waiting girl
We gotta make it stay right, right
Cause I ain’t worried bout these other women
You the one for me and that’s the difference
Shawty I just need for you to listen
Say I’m working late and you start tripping

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Snow Tha Product)
Finna get up on my P-O-P-I-M-P-I-N
I can tell that it’s a problem by your reaction
Every relationship issues it’s like we often
Don’t need options but try picking me not them
Cause I been…since way back
Waiting for you, realizing when I say that
You can’t ignore that all the back and forth
Gon have to force a last resort
Cause I done told you when I tell you that

(Repeat Chorus)