Spice Denies Being Female In Demarco’s ‘Link Up’ Explicit Video

Spice is again at the center of another controversial this time involving fellow dancehall star Demarco.

Demarco released his explicit new music video “Link Up” on Wednesday and it immediately caused a huge buzz on social media all because of one of the cast members believed to be Spice.

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The video features two females getting raunchy with each other with one of them having a striking resemblance to Spice. Sources close to the dancehall diva says that she is aware of the video and is making it clear that the female in question is not her.

“Mi no go both ways so girl could never be me,” Spice said. “I think Demarco knew what he was doing when he decided to cast that girl in the video. But clearly that could not be Spice.”

Spice also made it clear that there is no bad blood between herself and Demarco and that it could just be mere coincidence.