Snoop Dogg Featuring Wiz Khalifa – Kush Ups Lyrics

(Chorus – Wiz Khalifa)
My weed man got the hook up
Rolling up another pound every time you look up
Big a*s joints, them ones that leave you shook up
So much weight that now I’m doing kush ups
Kush ups, bout to roll a whole book up
Looking for me, I was at the crib doing kush ups
Kush ups, bout to roll a whole book up
Looking for me, I was at the crib doing
Don’t stop!

(Verse 1 – Snoop Dogg)
Tae Bo, five, four, three, two, one
Working out, chiefing up, creeping up, keeping up
With the Joneses, smoke a zone with my pen pals
In my neighborhood, flavor’s good, roll up, put some papers to it
Straight into it, gon make him do it, that thing can do it fo sho
Get my lift on, while get my spliff on, fo sho
Break bad, stay cool, way cool, roll a doob
Old school, paid my dues, spray these fools, ladies drool
Cause they know what I got
I got a bag of the Saturday pot
And it’ll keep you up from Thursday to Saturday night
What do you like?
When you smoke with the Dogg, you had the time of your life
Now light… the fatty, jump in my Cadi
Pull your seat back, yup, I know you need that
Let it flow, set it go, incredible
That ain’t gold, laying low like 10 to 4, on the floor

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Wiz Khalifa)
Don’t even trip
Ain’t really gotta use a scale, I could eyeball a zip
So much weight you thinking, Why this ain’t for sale?
Weed in my lungs, weed in my nails
She coning joints, I’m rolling weed up myself
Don’t ever get my weed from off the shelf or my clothes
I heard Polillo bout to drop some s**t, order those
Pounds, I got more of those, why my eyes sorta low
Not too many when I roll, more arms than…though
Boys hating, I’m just counting up the money I just made
And what I’m making make a ni**a make a million dollars later
Smoking getting high pays
I like my eyes glazed
Ain’t empty out my ashtray in days
At my house playing pool in some HUF socks and Joyrich sweats
I roll a joint, you roll another one next
Can’t even name a ni**a colder than
Ain’t pay for game that mean you stole it then
Know it’s the bomb when you hold it in

(Repeat Chorus)