Famous Dex ft. Rich The Kid – Rich Forever Lyrics

(Chorus – Famous Dex & Rich The Kid)
We was broke, we rich forever
Yeah I put that on my mother
M&M’s, never
I got two bi**hes, they kiss each other
All my houses got range
And now I’m geeking on the stage
I was jugging 9th grade
Half a million on the way
I was known for jugging work
Now I stomp like the purge
I’m jugging so hard man it hurt their nerves
Going up your bi**h skirt
Pop up, put you on shirt
Diamonds they hang out the Wraith when I swerve
Kill the pu**y, I’ma beat it then eat it
F**k with them racks

(Verse 1 – Famous Dex & Rich The Kid)
I’m working all night, looking for a hater
Supreme on a ni**a like a f**king skater
You run up on me, get the vapor
My money tall as skyscraper
And me and Rich up in a Masi
All tats up on my body
And yeah I’m looking for a hobby
I put my d**k up in her tummy
Tap in the pu**y, it’s water
She eat up the d**k and I swear that she gorgeous
Call you an Uber, can’t stay til the morning
Pinky ring pay your mortgage
I f**k that bi**h until the morning
My d**k up in her like she yawning
I put my kids up in her throat
And now this bi**h screaming Maury!

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Famous Dex & Rich The Kid)
Forever getting to the riches
I’m in the coupe with two bi**hes
Ten mil for the last
I was broke, no cable
Coming up, I’ma scope it
House known for the roaches
He got the money, I poke him
Find a ni**a through a joker
Kick door, was stealing your TV
I pull out a gun and a BB
I was young on the corner
Now the Wraith in all black when I pull up
My necklace is sick like Ebola
Put holes in your head like a doughnut
Hold up, walk around, pockets too swole up
Hold up, diamonds so cold, get a cold cut
Woah, damn, pour a little six in my soda
Yeah, woah, I f**k every lil bi**h that you know bruh
Damn, woah, I’m rich forever, getting more bucks

(Repeat Chorus)