Vic Mensa ft. Ty Dolla $ign – Liquor Locker Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Vic Mensa)
Late night calls
Feeling slightly faded
Free alcohol at the club
That s**t’s overrated
Call up liquor locker brrt brrt!
Bring me apple vodka
Shawty yeah, yeah, yeah
You know that I could do you proper
Pour you a drink, would you please
Stop fussing with your Samsung
I call your bluff, why you playing?
I ain’t that ni**a to play games on, no, no, no, no
I could do you proper, proper
I could do you proper, proper
I love your conversation
Usually I’m not the long talker
But this

(Chorus – Vic Mensa)
Liquor liquor liquor liquor, liquor got me talking talking
Way too much, way too much, way too much, way too much
Got me texting, calling it’s 2:30 in the morning
Tryna wake you up, wake you up, where you at, where you at
I might put a uber on you, I might have to pull up on you
Pick you up, f**k you up, give you some of this
Liquor liquor form the liquor locker
Haya hay have ya talking way too much, way too much, way too much whoa

(Verse 2 – Vic Mensa)
Don’t listen to Kiara
She be talking crazy
She say I’m a savage, man
That bi**h just be hating
I just think you’re worth it, oh
Please don’t take it personal
But by the way you talk, I know that I could do you proper
Pour you a drink, is it me, or is one of us romantic?
Don’t be so stiff, move your hips
I ain’t that ni**a ’til you’re dancing
I hope you know I can do you proper, proper
Like I was a doctor, doctor
This is an emergency, hurry up
Call the liquor locker, pour up the

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Ty Dolla $ign)
Drink bombay til we all f**ked up
I was drinking Bombay, till I had to throw up
I was booling with a baddie from the Bay Area
Couldn’t make it up the stairs, had to get carried up, aye
Wave to my general, I can’t sleep now
Kush got my eyes low, can’t see now
Orange tesla got me on ten right now
If i get her naked, Ima sin right now
Can I hit it proper
F**k you real proper
Have you screaming papa,yeah
Touch all on your body
Feel all on your body
F*** all on your body, yeah
Too many drinks and all these drugs
Way too much, 3x
So, please, get off your Samsung
And let’s do this while your man’s gone

(Repeat Chorus)