Maxwell – 1990x Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Like the thunder, I can hear you whisper
If love has shown, if love was shown, I would be more brave
If I can see anything I wanna entertain
But I can’t, I’d rather have you next to me
But can you see that I’m alone
There’s no hesitation, I feel you so much
There’s no indication that I will choose your touch

There’s no song that defines it
There’s not music behind it
There’s no lyric to read from
There’s just and the moment
Lay here closely beside me
Feel my heart as it’s pounded
We will climax with reason
Cause we’re grown and we own it

(Post Chorus)
Inside the sky of me and lives a star
Let’s ride the galaxy and find who we are

(Verse 2)
I’m hearing them saying things all the time
The word on the street is that I”m slowly losing my mind
They say that he’s wasting his whole life

(Repeat Chorus)

When the nights i through
The morning rays of Live I see you through
Til the morning dew, yeah, a winter afternoon
A summer night in June, whatever works for you
Time goes by, it just can’t be more than my love, love