Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa & TM88 – Da Power Lyrics

(Chorus – Juicy J)
I’ma give it to you, how you want it
In the jungle getting money
Smoking L’s by the 100
We got blow, we got molly
We got blood on the money, dedicated to the money
Killing ni**as for the money, the power and the money
I went from the bando to the island with the money
In the room, bag it up, for 4 hours with the money
I go bang, bang, bang, bang, for the power and the money
All these 0’s in my check, the bank keep piling up my money

(Verse 1 – Juicy J)
You need money for these whores, you need money for these wars
You ain’t getting money then you ain’t a man, you a boy
Spent 100 on my toys, spent 100 on my tour
I just cashed out on a 100, bout to make 100 more
Want no problems with a G, ni**a I f**k yo bi**h for free
Got her busting wide open, got her rolling up my weed
Brought her best friend in, got 2 bi**hes all on me
Then get back to the Backwoods stuffed with plenty of OG
Been in this s**t and I’ve been an OG
All my ni**as make it up out of the streets
Most of these ni**as ain’t been in the streets
Can’t let a bi**h take advantage of me
She came in with you but she wanna f**k me
2 shots of my liquor, she leaving with me
Feeling like 2, I may leave here with 3
I blew so much money, I feel like Big Meech

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Wiz Khalifa)
They say Young Khalifa why you sound like that?
Then how the f**k you blow it by the pound like that?
How you young but you still run your town like that?
Got that talk s**t, believe it’s going down like that
Why you keep them G’s around like that?
Why you treat them ni**as like some clowns like that?
We ain’t do it he got found like that
F**k around and catch 100 rounds like that
I’ma drive my Porsche today ni**a just because
I go wild and get this paper ni**a just because
Stay away from you f**k ni**as, ain’t no love
Get your money, what you waiting for?

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Juicy J)
The money keep piling and piling
The bi**hes get wilder and wilder
All of my ni**as so violent
I just might buy this whole island
I’m loving the view but it’s time to bust moves, so I might just hop in the coupe
Watch what you say to me? Watch what you do to me cause my young ni**a might shoot
Bi**h you know I got the juice, why you think they call me Juice
500 dollar shots, you might wanna mix it with juice
In the Rolls or the Benz, bankroll full of bands
F**k some girls and her friends, tryna do this sh*t again
Yeah it’s blood on the money, we got love for the money
But I ain’t got nothing but slugs for a ni**a tryna take something from me
It’s all about money and power, f**k on yo bi**h for an hour
Then nut in her mouth and then kick the bi**h out
Before she can even take a shower

(Repeat Chorus)

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