Popcaan – Killy Killy Lyrics

Tell a bwoy
Nuh si mi approal and try
Violate a the whole a him crew will die
And mi nuh buss my gun in a sky
When mi beat it somebody brain haffi fly

A suh my eye dem dry
Kill dem middle day me and Drey and Sky
50 caliber shot stuck in a you eye
Mi nuh proal wid no pickoxe stick or ply

Tell dem, man a killer
Tell a ni**a
Shot stuck in a heart, in a liver
Copper meck you dance like when Ding a do the Sivva
You dead…..hold the chigger

Cyaa tell mi when fi rise my gun
Nor buss my gun
Caw all a mi guns dem a mine
All when you see the Killy-Killy
Try run fi you life
All when unuh see stop pon the sign

Bwoy you wi get you head buss anytime
Gangster dash you weh like rotten pine
Nuh step pon ants you go step pon crime
Use the Astro murder the pu**y Miller Nine

Badness a nuh supn fi you advertise
Like party or enterprise
Mi tell Gastro a one youth weh mi idolize
Cause him nuh too use a lie
Unruly wi nuh left bwoy brutalize
When the combat rifle rise
Food shop wid surprise
The body dead and the shooter alive
If dem tell me seh dem bad a nuh truth a lie
Dem pu**y deh a group a spy’s
You fi find dead body in a gully wid a group a ants
A group a roach, a group a fly’s

(Repeat Chorus)