Shy Glizzy – Rounds Lyrics

(Chorus – Shy Glizzy)
I be with my rounds
We be smoking off the pound, ni**a
Play with me it’s going down
Better keep your rounds, ni**a
Hottest ni**a in the town
Got a bad bi**h and she brown
It’s about to go down
I’m sorry baby girl you can’t lounge

(Verse 1 – Shy Glizzy)
I’d rather kick it with my rounds
We be blowing out the pound
Club pay me ten thou
Just to come stand on the couch
Send my ni**as to your house
Wipe him out
He going run his mouth
Clear the back room and hit the couch
Bring me back his kids and his spouse
Bi**h only want drama
I should’ve listened to my mama
Riding with the llama
I’m trying to see who want drama, ni**a
Chickens in my hummer
Bet you never met the farmer
All I f**k is Rihannas
And Keke Palmers, ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Ooh that pu**y so good
Yeah she got that Meagan Good
Baddest bi**h in my hood
Give me head while I hit the backwood
I can f**k all your bi**hes if i want to
On Allah, I made a half a mil this summer
Swerving in a G like master P up in a hummer
Glizzy got the thunder
Run up on me I’mma gun you, BOOM
I don’t need nobody
Black John Gotti with the sawed off shotty
Keep it right beside me
Let a ni**a try me
I’mma beam his a*s right up like Scotty
Sometimes I ride in my big, big body
Bi**h get inside it
Get so excited
Bi**h get trifling
Took her to an island
You know we flew private
Shout out to the pilot

(Repeat Chorus)