Night Lovell – Contraband Lyrics

(Chorus 2X)
Tell me what’s your name
Don’t you play this game
You from another land
Got you like it’s contraband
she hit me up like what you need
I got houses in the trees
I got s**t you never think that people ever really see

(Verse 1)
Now I got hoes I got twenty thousand freaks
Making white bi**hes get rosey in they cheeks
I got problems with this condo on the beach
Can’t ruin my s**t I put these bi**hes on a leash
Don’t bring no ni**as when you step into mi casa
I got two separate rooms for Sammi and for Lanna
Stupid ni**as always watching from the corner
I be so bad to let them think for much longer
That I’m always on the move for the cheese
Talking like you wanna be my friend, bi**h please
I seen this s**t many f**king times
You staying for the time
You such a f**king bi**h you never throw a f**king dime
Lost up in the mess with all these people and they overlay
I can’t take this s**t I only seem to f**king complicate

F**k all the molly
Know my ni**as they got me
I just count up this cash
And buy myself a buggati, done talking

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
In san diego, I count up some pesos
Be with some nice bi**hes
And all of them deep throat
F**k am I talking for
I flex till I’m ninety four
Been through a lot of s**t, so the f**k you gone try me for
I catch a body though
I’ll take your audi dawg
Don’t understand the move, and you talking like?
Talking so damn much, but this ain’t no poppet show
I press the damn clutch, and load up the shotty though
Don’t think you shot me dawg
Don’t think you got me, I got the world in a party
I f**k your bi**h as a hobby
I don’t think nobody saw me
When I was down in the lobby
Looking for things that would take me straight from this place and I’m sorry
That I told you I’m sorry
I be telling these lies
From the core of my body
My thoughts flow like dasani
Can’t keep stressing over s**t I can’t change
B*tch I’m f**ked in all ways, and I just came to say
That I’m done

(Repeat Chorus)

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