Vybz Kartel – Strong Lyrics

All dem a trey, dem cyaa get out man
Dawg a now mi bombocl*** strong
Wi a run earth from day one
Right yah now wi link wid alien

Weh you mean by?
A portion a Asian
Thousand rifle, Gaza nation

Time fi start a war mi waan one
Time fi show dem how the thing set

(Verse 1)
Man higher than a house top
How that?
Figure it out dawg….maths
Money mi a f**k wid
F**k romance
And the tank, rocket launcher
Every house get destroy paw yo corner
FGR 17 viper
When that blow pass a nuh pie-pie, pa
Finish dem off wid foreign viter

Mi naw laugh wid bwoy again ca wa?
People a wicked but man wickeder
If you think seh mi cold man more fridger
Rasta city, Muslim, Trinidad
Wi nuh pet people a nuhdog wi a tag
When dem a keep nine night
Dance wi a have
Million a day suh wi naw grab bag
A grenade wi a fling, dem a dash
Dem a try

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Criminal just bring ten thing
Weh dem come from a must cremling
Down Afghanistan a dem Ben bring
When the thing dem turn on every bank bell ring
Down in a the root every ground get kill
Could a feds deh near man a go step still
Informer get it brethren
Ak meck him head get wing
Nuh commin….man a nuh left wing
But the cuban M1 weh mi meck sing
Shell down the place yow a dem a tek sting
From you forward a Gaza do yo best king
Behave you self, yes king
You wi live fi see another day brethren
Violate Tusan mi a go send Chin
Coming like seh a ants nest unuh step in

(Repeat Chorus)