Kevin Gates – Believe In Me Lyrics

I remember the first day that I ever saw you
I knew that I loved you when I saw you
And I was just like… like you f**k with bums
You f**k with bulls**t ni**as like
What is it you see in them, you don’t see in me?

Stayed fly
Just in case I caught your eye
What is it you don’t see in me
You see in those guys
Always been beautiful to me
I’m not hating baby, They not even your type
I fell in love on the first day I met you
But why don’t you believe in me?
Why don’t you believe in me?
One day you’ll believe in me!

(Verse 1)
Me taking the background
I was thugging hard
Big Ron jumping out of cars
Seen my process get destroyed
Hard to say I love you when I don’t
Stubborn, Not admitting when I’m wrong
Smoke clears, Not enough alone
Passing by your grandmothers house
Hoping I could catch you outside
Stepping out, I gotta dress fly
Hoping, we could maybe catch eye
I’m that little ni**a now
Balling for billions
I’m leaning, Hell of a feeling now
Turn the lights down, I’m out blinging
God damn just what I was thinking
Big Jigga talking about banging
Actually I’m thinking bout sneezing
Never change up
Never change up
Gave the lames up
In the game
Never gave a name up
Murder gang
I am Louie banged up
But I move those thangs
I don’t do no gang banging
F**k the game up
Passing in the bottom
Everybody hollering
They say Gates you came up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I swear them bands singing
Got my phone ringing
All the hoes tend to blow me off lately
Call you back later
Called her back, Chasing
Bread Winner Ron, Rubberband bringing
Bread Winner Films, Im’ma shoot ya
Shot by Spencer on the roof
AMG, Big body coupe
Passing through the ghetto, They salute
Broke and out of dough
They was acting like they didn’t have smoke on em
Now we on the road, My cologne got a strong odor
Asking where you been at little homeboy
Smell like you got a pound of smoke on ya
Mall shopping look at what I found
Private jets, We not on the ground
12 am, Smell of coffee grounds
Gates right back at it once again
I’m a gangster, My administration
Go and get it, I don’t to no waiting man
Pu*** rapper made me play the waiting game
Smell like Teen Spirit, I am Kurt Cobain
Smell like Teen Spirit, I am Kurt Cobain

(Repeat Chorus)