Young Thug ft. Yung mazi – Who Want Some Lyrics

So sick, I’m broke, I filled my prescription
Right to the bank, now my pockets look terrific

ABC, I’m about to come
Take a ni**a trap, then I move like gum
50 racks spent on the futon
D boy stop like who want some, who want some
Ride with them Birds like Julio Jones
Take a ni**a bi**h, who the f**k wanna try me
Who the f**k wanna try me
Who the f**k wanna try me
Telling me they can’t be me
They can’t see me, oh
I’m balling, they can’t D me

I got black ice on my wrist ni**a
I got 100k on my bi**h, she whiter than Hilfiger
No I don’t play no games with em, no, no games with em
If he ain’t red I don’t bang with em
Paint his shirt stain with em
Cause all my ni**as been ready
Diamonds in the Rollie going brazy like a spec
You can have her f**ker, I need money instead
I need three bi**hes on me like Ed, Ed and Ed
Baby bring me that twat, real stoners do pot
You going take something like What!?
Real cheese like Digior no
I promise she told
I do something that b*tch gon jump like a toad
These diamonds poll like the f**kers on Polo

(Repeat Chorus)