Flippa Mafia Sentencing Date Set For June 3

Flippa Mafia will know his fate on June 3. The dancehall star was found guilty of first-degree distribution of cocaine, as well as, second-degree conspiracy and money laundering.

There was also a mistrial on his charge of leading a narcotics-trafficking network and a new trial will set for a later date.

Flippa Mafia Among 9 Busted In International Drug Ring

With these charges, Flippa Mafia, whose real name is Andrew Davis, is looking at up to 20 years in prison for his first degree cocaine trafficking charge and between 5 to 10 years for his second degree charges.

Flippa’s girlfriend, Marsha Bernard, and his younger brother, Kemar Davis, were each sentenced to 21 and 20 years respectively in state prison for their drug trafficking conviction.

Mafia was among 9 people busted in 2013 in a drug trafficking ring spanning Los Angeles, New Jersey and Jamaica. Authorities say that the dancehall star is the mastermind behind the drug trafficking network.