Maxo Kream – SPIKE LEE ft. Rich The Kid & Playboi Carti Lyrics

(Chorus – Maxo Kream)
Water dripping, ice tea
Do my thing like Spike Lee
Finesse karo, the whole thing
Serve it to a hypebeast
These hoes they worse than dope fiends
Tryna eat my protein
No sex, I want my dough please
Then she do the whole thing

(Verse 1 – Maxo Kream)
Water dripping, faucets
I took his ho, he lost
I only f**k with bosses
Keep K packs in my closet
I’m G’d up like I’m golfing
I’m splashing like a dolphin
He sideline hating, talking
We put him in a coffin
Water dripping, cool cups
And now he pushing tulips
Lil Hotsauce, that’s my shooter
And he don’t give out two f**ks
Them mollies come in handy
She eating them like candy
She tripping off them xannies
Moesha need a Brandy, yeah

(Bridge – Playboi Carti)
Water dripping, ice tea
Ho I just do it, call me Spike Lee
Man she worse than a dope fiend
Dope fiend, tryna take all my protein
Dope fiend, no sex, she want dope lean
She do the whole thing
Water dripping, ice tea

(Verse 2 – Rich The Kid)
Water dripping on me
I make a movie, HD
You ni**as extra goofy
My diamonds kick like Bruce Lee
Hunnidg bands on me right now
She s**king my d**k, bi**h don’t bite down
Take you off for the fetti
Walk around, pockets heavy
Whip a brick in the telly
I got pies like the deli
F**king your b*tch till she squirt
Young ni**a came up out the dirt
Need some lean, call the nurse
Preaching to em like the church
Dead fresh like a hearse
F**k I bought the bi**h a purse

(Repeat Bridge)

(Verse 3 – Maxo Kream)
Water dripping, rain is splashing
Diamonds dancing, main attraction
Talking karats, bunny rabbits
Wetter than a pissy mattress
Hoover gang got bangers cracking
Cremate ni**as, leave em ashes
Moving, never see the package
Moving, only see transactions
Water drip like fountains
I’m Polo you Lacoste’n
Sip codiene, I’m not coughing
Got Hi-Tec by the coffin
I’m swimming trunks, you speedos
In water like torpedoes
She wet I got a freak ho
She eat the meat like Cheetos, yeah

(Repeat Bridge & Chorus)