Wale ft. Sam Sneak – My PYT Lyrics

(Chorus – Sam Sneak & Wale)
You my M-Y-P-Y-T
She my M-Y-P-Y-T
She my M-Y-P-Y-T
She my pretty young thing
And I’ll do anything for her
I want to love you
Pretty young thing
You need some loving
From a real one
I want to love you
Pretty young thing
You need some loving
And I’m a real one

(Verse 1 – Wale)
I said hold up what’s up what it do
I ain’t trying to do too much but come through
Cartier frames too much but it’s cool
The only thing strange they won’t get off you
Say you want a rider
Well I got a ticket
And later we can hide out
You trying to get Missing
Now I’m all up in your mind now
Cool , that’s how I get you
But you can’t figure mine out
See I’m quite different
A James Bond ni**a with a Saint Laurent fetish
And thank god I never had a baby mother either
Snapchat shortie
Flash that for me
Clap back at ni**as like that’s not for you
Give her 50 feet fell in love in a week
She penetrating my mind
I penetrate that physique
Bi**hes I would delete
Digging our chemistry
No limit to me and she
Come give me kiss on the cheek
Pretty Thang

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Wale)
This ones for you
Hold the set down
This ones for you
Suppose to get the crown
Pretty young girl
Toast for you and I
This ones for you
I just wanna see you shine
Nothing make a man feel better than a woman
Queen with the crown but for now it’s a birking
Theres a few things that for certain
My lady
We can make war or make babies
I’m a rider and a ticket
That’s comes with good planning and channeling your ambition
I know this fat ni**a that properly seen the vision
He use to move keys he Khaled a little different
Another one
Another one
Another one
When she put it down on me I put them numbers up, facts
I love that jawn
She 21
Ok she old enough to drink might gotta be my lunch
Stay low and build with her
Coachella chill with her
I got colorful lyrics
We twinning
Cause every other color Kylie come out wit I get them
Real ni**a what

(Repeat Chorus)

Hold up whats up what your name
I shoulda ask the verse before don’t throw shade
Alotta girls do too much for that fame
But I can get to know you just from your page