Tyga – Cash Money Lyrics

Aye.. Who that in the Lambo?
That’s the Last King boy, haan?
Last King Records taking over for the 2016 till forever

I got bi**hes in my swimming pool
Real life mermaids
Models in my living room
Lined by Hermes
Yeah ni**a
Somebody must have heard me when I prayed
Cause I’m paid cash money
Uh, Cash Money never paid me
But your boy did his thing
Still make cash money
Yeah it’s mine I can throw it in the air if I wanna

(Verse 1)
Rolex, mo sex
T raw, gon flex
Bad bi**hes
Ass, ch**t
Rich ni**as, no stress
Smoke when I wanna
Ball when I wanna
F**k who I wanna
Everything a hundred
My cars diamond diamond
Still minks in the summer
Ice in my grill
Tattoos on my stomach
Yeah, she break it down
Break break it down
I’m in the court
Talking chat, choppers style
Yeah that choppers style
Chit chat choppers style
We lived a lot
Ni**a we on a loud
Uhh private jet
Bubble legs
Super famous don’t need no press
Imma hot boy shout out Weezy baby
If yo manners low
Ni**as you should pay em

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Homie we talking a lot
She be fronting a lot
Wanna pull up on the block
Bi**hes rubbing their twat
I’m in the car with a vibe
Yeah that car goes a lot
Now she f**king a lot
Yeah we f**king a lot
Now she rubbing my c**k
Yeah we hug in the block
Put your face in my watch
Yeah that’s chrono watch
All ice
I got hella how’s believe me
Tell em bi**hes pimping ain’t easy
I’m on top with the top down
One knock with the sugar and I’m sauced out
I’m hot now
Played with fire, I ain’t never drown
Balling out number 1
With assist now
Big hits, mo rich
New car, new bi**h
I’m a hot boy, free B.G
Free to Carter V, let your streets eat

(Repeat Chorus 2X)