Russ – T’d Up Lyrics

(Chorus – Russ 2X)
Bi**h I’m T’d up
I think I drank three much
I been mixing with it too
Couple women coming through
They gon wanna T up with me too

(Verse 1 – Russ)
Tanqueray got me started
I think I need a girl from Harlem
Don’t act like you
Don’t wanna get involved with me
TLC got girls tryna creep
Don’t catch feelings it ain’t that deep
Thrown in the studio, gone fishing
Tryna catch me a freak, damn
Need two rooms everytime I land
One for hoes, one room for the bands
She fell in love cause of who I am
I don’t give a f**k, gotta stick to the plan
No strings girl, gotta cut those loose
You and your friend, that’s one plus two
You’ll be waiting here all night
Waiting for me to love you

(Refrain – Russ)
I been T’d up that’s a routine
Never switched up wit a new team
I been spending
I been stacking
I still got the same old hoopty
I been helping out the fam
I’m just trynag do my best
Feel the pressure everyday
Gotta get this off my chest

(Verse 2 – Russ)
Always had faith it would go my way
I been T’d up for like six years straight
I know what’s like to do a show with less people in the crowd than the ones on stage
Bugus and me never switched up
Always got weed we can twist up
Never let an outsider in too quick
Got the whole game zip, zipped up

(Repeat Chorus 4X)