Trinidad James ft. Wurld & Scotty ATL – $TILL AWARE Lyrics

(Intro – Wurld)
Oh well, oh well
Oh well, oh well

(Chorus – Wurld)
Too bad I wasn’t good enough for you
You’re the one who’s missing out
Wanted to go to the top with you
But she didn’t wanna hear me out
Oh well, oh well, white canvassing so plain
We can’t paint this anyway

(Verse 1 – Scotty ATL)
Big big deacy, smoking ounces of deacy
They left me too long, it turn me into a creature, do this
Check this docket for Christmas, they want a feature
I got a cousin moving them keys, oh lady Alicia
I got a state of mind, discovery here to tell a man
I’m bout to run the town, you ni**as didn’t get about it, I know
High reefer popping, trending topic
Your big comet joes, she out giving the slapping, I feel it
A little disrespect, they didn’t wanna give me mine
Got the show lined up like a kiddy rhymes
Every word I done rhymed, they memorised
Bi**h your hate got me in the tide

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Trinidad James)
I’m going click, clack, boom, killing everything that move
Ain’t no smacks on the elevators in my motherf**king room
There’s some monkeys in this bi**h and they all extended
Extended clips, extended family and they pressing the issue
That’s why I came in humble, ni**a f**k all that
These some pu**y a*s ni**as, I can’t trust these cats
I say I’m made, I ain’t mad, I’m just motivated sober
Highly meditated, spinning the facts, only real ni**a feel me
I hope you know, I made it without a deal ni**a
I hope you know the industry ain’t built for real ni**as
I hope you know that I ain’t selling s**t ni**a
That’s my soul on my family, throw it back ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)