Tory Lanez – For Real Lyrics

Straight facts, ni**a
Come through sipping apple juice out ya Pyrex ni**a
F**k wrong wit chu
I got like 20 some-odd pounds coming from

I pull up in foreigns like this s**t for real
Pull out like Jeff Gordon, f**k how ni**as feel
New Givenchy gold, like I’m selling blow
Work up on the scale, just came off the boat
Forreal, ni**a for real
Forreal, ni**a for real
Forreal, ni**a for real
I just flew in from Europe with 200 pounds

(Verse 1 – Tory Lanez)
Look, I drop bands on the low
I got bands on them hoes
I drop ten on a four
OG strains on my door
OG strains on my woe
Whipping the 7 to get it popping
All of my ni**as is with the brick
And got a bi**h on the batter like Betty Crocker
Whipping the 7, and baby
And I’m fly like a pelican baby
And I’m pouring the O in da 4
And I’m sipping this s**t, it’s so delicate baby
I’m so rich I don’t sell this s**t, baby
I f**k hoes in Chanel and s**t, baby
From the first night she ain’t wanna f**k
But I had to finesse to this s**t baby
And my ni**as gon get to the decimal
I lay back and then wait like a criminal
Come direct, we dont need the subliminal
Got some Florida shooters, they some Seminoles
I got bi**hes to popout the whole load
Ni**as with bricks out the boatload
50 deep and they like, oh no
F**k it, I do this s**t solo ni**a
Oh, my

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Tory Lanez)
I got fours on top
I put fours on five
Whipping the O’s on top
Dipping the sauce til I drop
Dipping the…whip a pill
I give a f**k bout how ni**as feel
I’m so real I could f**k a fake bi**h
Fake ass, fake tits, til that s**t is real ni**a
Whip the exotic on Biscayne
We done moved up, s**t changed
550 when I switch lanes
950 for some ripped jeans
Going dirty but my d**k clean
Gun dirty but the whip clean
20 thousand on a ni**a neck
Just to walk around to hear that s**t clank
Tell you what, can we hear something from the album
Man, lets talk this New Toronto ni**a
I can say I’m New Toronto, ni**a
Talent for talent, you small fry
No, I don’t do McDonald’s ni**a
Ni**as see me in the new Givenchy
Flexing with my ni**a Bleu DaVinci
Free my ni**a Pete out the pen
Pressure coming, let this sh*t begin

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
My ni**a Kellz said give em that pressure
Ni**a, we bringing that pressure
Came for the more not the lesser
All of us came out of depression
Just to reunite and flexing
One Umbrella f**king Mob, ni**a
Homeless kid, I used to rob ni**as
Stressing had me in a deep depression
Giving ni**as pressure, on the job ni**a
I would sell that dope to anybody
Anybody tried to ball with ya
Times were so hard on the boulevard
You needed someone to grind with ya
But it was no one to grind with ya
No one’s life was on the line with ya
No one was with ya at the eighteen market, four o’clock, in Saturday mornings
Trying to split the dimes with ya, Lord
Whipping the soda, you know that I’m gone
Just give em that pressure, just give em that pressure
Whipping the soda inside of the kitchen, baking soda
Yolo, whipping, ni**as know we got it going
Get it my ni**a, that’s pressure

Don’t give em that pressure, don’t give em that pressure
They want that pressure, know they want that pressure
Don’t give em that pressure, don’t give em that pressure
Easy Fargo
Don’t give em that pressure, don’t give em that pressure, no