Voicemail Involves In Serious Car Crash

2016 officially s*cks.

Dancehall duo Voicemail was involved in a serious car crash on Friday. A rep for the group confirmed with Urban Islandz that they are doing okay though shaken up by the accident.

The car that they were traveling in lost control and skidded off the roadway before coming to an halt in a ditch.

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“The accident took place this morning on the Falmouth highway,” their rep said. “We’re thankful that everyone are doing okay at this time.”

Voicemail member Craig also confirmed the accident via his Instagram page and thanked their fans for their well wishes.

“Another day to give GOD thx for the gift of life we r very protected by the most high and bless to say thank u for all the prayers and good wishes we r safe and sound just a lil shaken up but we have life the month of MAY is not our favorite month but we stay focus and solid in our thoughts and our action so thank u all again for the well wishes we appreciate it all,” he wrote on IG.



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