Ace Hood – 1st Round Draft Pick Lyrics

Crib worth a mill I’m the one like the Matrix
Million dollar ni**a bi**h I started from the basement
That’s why, a ni**a can’t tell me s**t
That’s why, a ni**a can’t tell me s**t
Feeling like a first round draft pick
Hell nah I don’t owe a ni**a nothing
That’s why, a ni**a can’t tell me s**t
That’s why, a ni**a can’t tell me s**t

You mad cause a ni**a getting rich haa
Dropping them hits after hits haa

(Verse 1)
I’m feeling myself, I’ma take me a selfie
F**k getting rich boy I’m tryna be wealthy
Beast in the gym I’m just tryna stay healthy
Real ni**as all around the world gotta feel me
Word on the street lame ni**as wanna end me
They jealous, they mad they suffer from envy
Been drinking too much I hope I don’t lose a kidney
Throw a couple bands it come back real quickly
Dope ni**a, Ace flow like I’m in the bando
Hot boy, clips full of ammo
Jumping out the foreign while they jumping out they faces
Tell my ni**as f**k it, throw em back to the basics

(Repeat Chorus & Bridge)

(Verse 2)
How does it feel to be chosen, I am the one who was chosen
I am not laundry or clothing, it ain’t no way I am folding
Put some Respek on my name, they throwing salt on the game
Whipping that wraith like a slave, whipping that wraith like a slave
Got a whole lotta problems, got a whole lotta hate, s**t came with the moolah
One thousand dollars on my light bill, gotta give thanks my jewlerer
I could’ve hit you girl already man, let a ni**a start being petty
Thirty inch rims on the chevy, got a hundred round drum for your bestie
F**k ni**a freeze em, f**k ni**a freeze em
A1 sauce…with the
Touring round the world ni**a screaming Hood Nation
That’s a whole lotta grinding and a whole lotta patience

(Repeat Chorus & Bridge)