Rich Homie Quan ft. Rocko – Driveway Lyrics

Im blessed like a muhf**ka man. You feel me
Real talk bro
I got the big homie Rocko over here
Its that muhf**king OG to me

(Chorus – Rich Homie Quan)
Her number 1 i need a medal for it
I use similes and metaphors
Get Chicago head when im in Illinois
Gotta go hard for my little boys
Im tired of playing with these little boys if im off Thursday i hit Lecora
She want attention so i give her more and im bout my business long as its important
Slot machine yeah i need a quarter
Popping beans and im giving orders
I ain’t pleading cause i got a lawyer
But i bleeding like a red soldier
I remember when we stayed in the apartments and i just keep telling these ni**as i came a long way from the Driveway
You know I did, Came a long way from the Driveway
I came a long way, Came a long way
Now im a millionaire, Came a long way from the Driveway
Now im up ni**a, Came a long way from the Driveway

(Verse 1 – Rocko)
Had to leave the bottom of the barrel ain’t had no business there
Do anything get from down there i dont give a damn cause i ain’t never cared
All i know my grandaddy died ain’t get to see him
They looking for at the funeral Its sticking out of his spirit yo im like damn this s**t that serious though
No way this s**t is that serious
My bad for my run on sentences but i hate periods all i want is commas, on my mama
Ima go hard as i can stack a hundred thousand thousand grand thats a hundred M ain’t it
I can everybody dream come true with them can’t i
Gotta get my life right the chances we take tryna get that sack right
Lord knows i been tryna act right
Damn i wanna rewrite my wrongs
f**k it F**k it life goes on, i just write these songs. A1

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Rich Homie Quan)
I remember i was broke because i wanted to do that sh*t my way
Now i got like 14 cars lined up in my driveway
Im straighter then Big Worm yeah thats that ni**a who played on Friday
Ill leave a ni**a with the pie face
I make 50 now i remember it used to be 9k
Chewing on me like a Now and Later
Throw the weed the k9’s coming
Keep it real but dont lie to me
Rocko told its my time
Im from east Atlanta no prime time
Money i go get it
I got more rings than an Olympian, and that’s why they say

(Repeat Chorus)