LHH Star Cardi B A Huge Fan Of Alkaline “Champion Boy”

Cardi B is a huge fan of Alkaline. The Love and Hip Hop star posted a photo on Intagram yesterday where she reference some lyrics from the dancehall star’s smash hit single “Champion Boy.”

“Dem did a Seh mi career soon dead a two years laters now and mi never feel so alive #Championgal everybody wish bad pon di champion Gal,” she captioned the photo.

Cardi B has always been a huge fan of dancehall music. Her parents are of Dominican and Trinidadian descent and she grew up in the Bronx where reggae music is a huge part of the culture.

Before joining Love and Hip Hop New York, Cardi B was a stripper. She is now retired and is focusing on building her singing/songwriting career.

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  1. see weh mi a seh, its better for us to uplift and encourage our artists, because they represent our music. the foreigners look at them as a representation of our culture/music/people, therefore they can help take the music to new lvls, it dont make no sense we bash and tear down our artists constantly. our artists also need to unite because the division has and is weakening the music. fans suffer the most from the bagga division with the artist too.