Mac Miller ft. Dave East – Headaches & Migraines Lyrics

I’m getting faded in an undisclosed location
This ain’t just a couple screws loose it’s straight jacket crazy
I don’t give a f**k if I don’t find my head
F**k it, I gave every single f**k I had left
Yeah, Why’d you get so high so early
So high, so early
So high, so early
So high, so early
Take your time, never hurry
You don’t mind, I won’t worry
You’ll be fine, say the word, say the word

(Verse 1 – Dave East)
Smoking dope it’s hard to breathe
Feeling stuck it’s hard to leave
Roll up smoke em back to back
If you got some we can match
Money coming, we can stack
Dime bags, 20 bags, 50s, 100s grab a 7th
Got some extra that’s a blessing
Roll me up, just roll me up
DJ pour had me sipping that sizzurp
TDot poured me up, faded off the wake up
I got makeup on my clothes
This bi**h was sleep this loud just woke her up
I don’t think I smoke enough
Cheech & Chong my motivators
Roll a facial, think of times I hoped for cable, we was broke
If I ain’t have nothing I had hella smoke
Leather coat the fragrant’s kush
Passed out faded before they played the hook
Got a foreign model tryna order out she hate to cook
I get high with Esco now they shooting s**t I made you look
My life is a movie dropped out of school cause I hated books
I’m living like Rick James still backwoods ain’t s**t changed
Mac know Im far from sober just started it’s far from over

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Mac Miller)
They walk in the crib my d**k smell of sex
Pu**y , whiskey on my breath
My b*tch bugging when I come in, when you gon clean up this mess
See I’m American Mac there goes my brain or what’s left
When I get carried away I know how crazy I get
Cash or check, bread and butter, take a number, place a bet
To the realest motherf**kers ain’t too many of us left
You can’t tell me nothing no discussion flow is so disgusting
Throwing up a whole bunch of blood on an empty stomach
Got headaches and migraines, headaches and migraines
Every single morning like my brain flipping sideways
Try to move my body but my skeleton vibrates
Who’s car is that and how’d it get in my driveway
This is high stakes professional time waste
High as Macaulay Culking but lower than five basements
It’s competitive life ruining horrible influences
I stay with headaches and migraines

(Repeat Chorus)