Spice Broke Camera Man Leg While Dancing On Stage

When Spice tells you that she will broke your back believe her. One very brave camera man in Connecticut learned the hard way but thankfully it was only his leg that got broken.

The dancehall diva was performing live in Connecticut last weekend. While she was performing her usual routine of calling up a fan from the audience to dance with her, one of the camera men took up the offer.

Spice Claimed Death Threats From Angry Promoter

“I usually have the ladies contesting me on stage, and this time around, I invited the men,” Spice said. “The camera guy dropped his camera, puff him chest, and came out. I saw him going down and he was hopping off the stage and holding his leg.”

Spice said at first she didn’t realize the severity of the incident, but still wish the fan a speedy recovery.

The “So Mi Like It” deejay is also warning her male fans not to challenge her.

“I wish I speedy recovery to the Camera man who Came on stage to challenge me in Connecticut and broke his Leg,” she wrote on IG. “I was told he is still in the Hospital However To all Male Fans out there please be ware before you decide to come on stage to challenge me the #StageshowBOSS.”