Montana of 300 – WTS Now Lyrics

Man, ever since I made it big now
And I be dressing like I’m rich now
Got hella bi**hes on my d**k now
They wanna get d**k’d down
They be with the s**ts now
They wanna be way more then friends now
They say they wanna have my kids now
I swear they all up on my d**k now
Hoping they get d**k’d down
They be with the s**ts now

(Verse 1)
Was caught up in that street life
Hustling moving big loud
Had to kick out quick
Feel like the devil had me pinned down
Rap God I was sent down
Labels want to sit down
Mama got a big smile
My lyrics pay the rent now
I be setting trends now
Walk throughs, I get 10 though
Remember window shopping
I got options when I spend now
Used to rock white tees
I got versace on my skin now
Bi**hes on my d**k
They want to blow me like the wind now
I know them ni**as pissed now
30 in my clip now
I swear I won’t miss, baw
Y’all families gon miss y’all
Still got pistols hidden in every room inside my crib now
Knew I was gon blow like a grenade, I pulled that pin out
All I do is win now
So I know what it is now
They figure since I’m popping I got money I can lend out
So that’s that greed within y’all okay if I offend y’all
Knowing y’all ain’t real, but everyone wanna pretend now

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Man, every time I drop some music
These bi**hes get shot by cupid
I’m not foolish, far from stupid
So miss me with all that fu s**t
I can smell an opportunist
As strong as your perfume is
I see through the dark
I’m blessed with a light as bright as the moon is
Man as soon you start buzzing
Hoes crushing all of a sudden
Bunch of ni**as showing love
With hopes they can fit in your budget
Out here acting like day ones
When they know that they really wasn’t
But I’m out like a concussion
No question they ain’t one hunnid
Got deal with so much hate now
I gotta watch them snakes now
My struggles I embrace now
I’m too Godly to break down
Bi**hes think it’s sweet
They wanna see how good it taste now
And even those who hate
Mention my name with all the greats now
I be getting dough now
Moncler when it’s cold out
Giuseppe’s when I’m stepping
Need a red carpet to roll out
Ain’t have to sell my soul to be on top
And sell these shows out
I’m no fire truck but ni**as know I bring the hose, hoes out

(Repeat Chorus)