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Lil Yachty – India (Oh Love) [New Music]

Lil Yachty dropped new track “India (Oh Love),” produced by DolanBeats.

9 times outta 10, I get what I want
But you making it hard for me
You should put your guard down for me
Let me make your life a little bit sweeter
I wanna meet her
Ooooh, promise that I’ll treat you right
Exceptions just for you, you get more then 1Night
Oooh, you get more then 1Night you get my life
Oh love, whole life, our life, my love
Hoe fly as a dove, these ni**a’s dubs
Tattoo on your ass cheek, you fine as f**k

Lil Yachty – India (Oh Love) Lyrics

Listen track below.


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