Chilando – Same Blood Lyrics

Mi realize pon stage dem waan man drop down
Dem face screw when you nuh have none
Now dem a talk who a buss gun

You bwoy talk a road seh you waan send mi home
A the same blood wi bleed hi nuh

You nuh God but you waan tek mi sole
A the same blood wi bleed hi nuh

Waan mi body in a coffin well fold
A the same blood wi bleed hi nuh

Gwaan talk though wi nuh fling stone
A the same blood, same blood

(Verse 1)
Same dog you feed
Same dog waan kill you
Smoke off you weed
Dem speech dem a build you
When you start fi lead
Waan you flop nuh continue
Dem heart nuh clean
Pass dem the damn bishop
Waan the pastor pray over mi
Man ever ready wi nuh fear nobody
Gwaan talk tek man likely
Give dem the rope dem a laugh
Feel dem style mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Nough a dem hate and rate mi
Yea mi done see it
Style so hard tougher than a concrete
Lyrics dem a run like bolt athlete
Wi a major, you minor so wi nuh compete
Money just a run yes it have a jag-feet
Lyrics well clean yeah mi use chlorine
Mi a ghetto you so mi a go have a high dream
Never green mi a step wid a proper Hygiene

(Repeat Chorus 2X)