Dee-1 ft. Big KRIT & Lupe Fiasco – Against Us (Remix) Lyrics

Hello, this is the music of Dee-1
Who just so happens to be my grandson
Along with Lupe Fiasco and Big KRIT, let’s go

(Verse 1 – Dee-1)
They say I keep it too real oh well I ain’t got no chill
I ain’t in this game to prostitute my soul for dollar bills
And the streets is going down, Titanic, God got me though, why panic?
Who cares if you die rich if you ain’t dynamic
Back verse, wipe that verse
Black rich verse, pull heron verse
Verse, verse
Stay sane verse, God love verse
Got hustling in my cheese
I fell asleep bumping Chris Wallace, I got big dreams
Man what it do? Got Lupe, KRIT, everybody know we trill
What you rapping about? Kinfolks? Those…times man you ain’t real
And yeah I’m Christian
But Muslims, Hindus, and every religion all know one thing
That boy spitting
Real rap though
I battle demons everyday like where they at though
I’m Dee-1, top five is where I normally rank up
You got money in the bank but you morally bankrupt, boy

(Chorus – Dee-1)
Our father, who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive those who trespass against us
What you tell em now?
Against us, against us
Man tryna go
Against us, against us
They don’t wanna know
Against us, against us
They don’t wanna know
Against us, against us
Who’s against us?

(Verse 2 – Big KRIT)
Forgive us for our flexing and our selfish ways
And overlook the days that we ain’t pray after getting paid
A product of our environment
They gave us crack, we sold it back
For golden rims and Gucci
Told us how to whip and move it
And like junkies just ain’t human
Somebody mama, somebody father that was on they way to AA
Till they heard us holler ba-ase for the cheap
The value of black life has decreased
Police killing us for a bonus and paid vacay to the beach
The Devil been busy I’m telling you
Beware what they selling you
Put on first and let em work when everything gets failing you
We been in the club way too long my brother
We ain’t gon teach em more than rapping, slug dealing, and drug dealing but how to love each other
Raise the struggle be off of rubble
And do more than just tweet
Mad about it, emoji sad, instagram, hashtag about it
I don’t mean to nag about it
But we got to fight the evil, raise the flag about it
I’m saying

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Lupe Fiasco)
Operation opposition
I can’t stand my conditions
That complicated competition
In that ghetto started operation pot to piss in
At 17 had a set of wings
Now I’m selling dreams like I’m selling lean
I be selling dreams like I’m 7 kings
Actions speak, never said a thing
That’s asleep, never met a bed
Better yet, I never slept, I never met a Fred
But it’s nightmares where I came from
And my dream is just to bring em where it ain’t nothing
My mind is my stylist
One day here is like five times they college
It’s high time they acknowledge
That my kind and they logic is like 99 Impalas

(Repeat Chorus)