J. $tash ft. Rich The Kid – Bricks Lyrics

They be like ooh
Eh, who are you
Hoping out the coupe

(Chorus – J $tash x3)
Blue dream red lean, drop a xan in codeine
Twenty-three hundred for the whole thing, smoking
Pop another pill now I’m rolling
Shawty love a ni**a, ’bout to bust the pu**y open

(Verse 1 – J $tash)
Shawty love a ni**a, trapping getting to the paper
F**k them haters, I was selling Kush pens in different flavors
Alligator, Florida boy got that work down to Decatur see you later
Prices going up and down like elevators
Shawty like to pop them pills, diamonds all up on my grill
Catch me booling in Bel Air, R.I.P to uncle Phil
I don’t know what ni**as thinking, try to rob me imma kill
Shooters hopping out that Lincoln or that Cadillac
Okay trapping, pieces slapping, looking like a million bucks
These bi**hes on a ni**a like, f**king till I get enough
I still need me a Bentley truck Lamborghini ain’t big enough
You know we keep those semi’s tucked
Riding round smoking big ol blunts

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Rich The Kid)
Your baby she bussing it open, deep water and I’m stroking
I got a house on my arm, Rich forever on the chart
Sipping a whole lotta lean, pay with a whole lotta racks
We broke but got rich on the trap, show me the pu**y where the cat
Mama be all in my stash, the ni**a was trapping them bags
I’m a legend why you mad, white Porsche
F**king sluts for a nut, keep a choppa in the cut
Xanax in my gut, Backwards for the blunt
Motorola, Motorola, I cannot f**k with you fake ni**as
Minnesota, Minnesota, I was really in the street
Why you flex, why you lie,you ain’t never did no time
These rappers they flexing

(Repeat Chorus)

They be like ooh
Eh, who are you