Meek Mill “What?? I Didn’t Beat Up Drake Ghost Writer”

Meek Mill seems to be vehemently denying that he beat up Drake alleged ghost writer Quentin Miller.

You can recalled that Quentin was the main man behind the infamous Drake and Meek Mill feud that almost threatened to derail Meek’s career. The Philly rapper instigate the beef when he jumped on Twitter to blast Drake for not writing his own raps and further named Miller as the Toronto emcee’s ghost writer.

Quentin Miller then released a statement denying that he is doing ghost writing for Drake and made it clear that any form of writing that he does he gets credit for.

Last weekend Quentin Miller confirmed that Meek Mill’s crew Dreamchasers beat him up at a Nike store in Los Angeles last year for making that statement because they felt like he was making out Meek to be a liar.

“I shed blood in the Nike store,” Quentin told VLADTV while proclaiming that he is not a street ni**a. “I’m not a street n***a so you can have it. You can have the tough title – that doesn’t do anything for me.”

Quentin Miller also added that Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers crew tried to get him to retract his statement while a paparazzi was filming but he refused.

After the story broke, Meek Mill went on Instagram to deny the allegation when he posted this meme.

Seems like the MMG rapper didn’t like when the whole feud was blowing up in his face after Drake drop two diss tracks that triggered a flood of memes on social media making fun of him.

Another source is also claiming that Meek Mill got mad because he wanted Quentin Miller to write for him but he refused. If that is true then that could open up a new can of worms for Milly.