Young Thug – With Them Lyrics

Thugger Thugger baby
F**k all that let’s get to it
What lil shawty say?

She s**k on that d**k on the plane and I just called her airhead, Woo!
I just went hunting, I found me a rabbit, I picked out the carrots
I’m just tired of smoking kush, I need some Moonrock out in Cali
I got a white bi**h and she give me that Becky but her name is Sari
I pimp, I don’t play with them
She bad, I might stay with her
Stack it up like a Lego, yeah
Homicide, you can lay with them
Got some hoes, you can stay with them
You know that we players, we playing them
She can’t be my wife, I can’t lay in there
Diamonds all black like I’m racist now

Riding through the city, windows tinted, AC blast
I got bi**hes wanna f**k me, so so wrong, do me bad
I got cash in my pants, I got cash on her ass
AP dance, bi**hes glance, cause my diamonds look like glass

(Verse 1)
I wanna f**k her but she play more games than the NBA
Monday morning, got a dentist appointment, lil bi**h you can check out the dentures plate
I got so much jewelry, baby I got so much water this s**t like a mini lake
F**k ni**a play I’ma send him to meet his maker then ask God for forgiveness bae
Cop a chopper, end up flipping ni**a
Yeah, you better stop tripping ni**a
I don’t use words when I kill a ni**a
We don’t use phones, we no silly ni**as
I think I need help with my kidney ni**a
No cat but you know I’m just kidding with you
I make this s**t fly out the ceiling ni**a
I’m hot like an eye on a skillet ni**a, ya dig

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
You can’t take jack, fall into this mouse trap
Riding through the bity, got a AK on my lap
I’m not talking s**t, but I’m ready to shoot some craps
If he think he wanna see me, I’ma send a hundred straps
Yo, Blood
I got some birds like I’m Julio
My outfit outdated, is Coogi G tho
I want pu**y or head, you a groupie ho
Balmain with a motherf**king Gucci coat
I won’t talk to that bi**h, let that coochie know
Yeah, let that coochie know
Diamonds from Tiffany Co
Paid a whole 100 racks for those
You should get down with this slime s**t
Tonight I’m bout geeked out my mind s**t
My credit good, I don’t need a dime s**t
Pour Act’ inside that lemon lime s**t
That petty thief, need to stop tryin s**t
If you need help I got some dime bi**hes
I cannot stand none these lying bi**hes
I need a website for some fine bi**hes

(Repeat Chorus)