Rittz – Ghost Story Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Welcome to the Jonny Valiant show
I’m about to blow
Independent with a hundred thousand albums sold
Rappers used to crowd around me funny now they don’t
No one’s in my lane, my competition going adios
No magician but I dissipate em in a cloud of smoke
Revving they engine up and I’m a thousand miles down the road
You ain’t ever heard of me, f**k it now you know
It’s hard to take you serious, and I ain’t out of jokes
Most of the sh*t you rap about is unaccountable
Sang enough to make you know so watch your mouth and count your own
Never seen an ounce of blow, dressing like you Al Capone
Or we can see a brown alamo
Pocket full of bread, I ain’t counting sour dough
Cheating on her from above, funny how the roles
Got reversed, when it was in, they never said, look out below
Never tried to lift a hand, I was down and out in road
With no balance in my bank account, I took a couple ‘O’s
Now we….while we posted on the
Weird where the talent go, now it’s like there’s no one left
Someone said you growing up, they trolling on the social network
I work my flows, I choke em out and never broke a sweat
You knock one out the box, a bunch of cause that I’m a noble vet
You’re not on my…so goblins do not pose a threat
I ain’t scared of no one, seen a hater and I told him that

(Chorus – Rittz)
If you don’t start sh*t, there won’t be none
Cause I don’t really need no reason
To be the one responsible for your extinction
Cause when it comes to competition, I don’t see none
They all went ghost on me
Ain’t nobody coming close to me
It’s like a goddamn ghost story
It’s a goddamn ghost story
It’s a goddamn ghost story
It’s a goddamn ghost story

(Verse 2)
Go ahead and sign a horn, like every boring rapper does
I wish the dude behind the booth would pull the power cord
Just went and do some sh*t you’re good at
Your stage show is hard for me to look at
Like a unibrow and I’ll be sure
The difference between our music’s night and day
I’m getting busy but you shady like a diabolic
So watch that mouth of yours
I never thought I’d see the day it’d be okay to let these rappers dress like Shalamar

(Repeat Chorus)