Alkaline – City Lyrics

(Verse 1)
F**k weh the f**ker dem haffi seh
Wouldn’t deh weh dem deh
Dem talk about me like everyday
Mi talk about dem like not one day

Fross, everybody just a follow, follow me
Yow mi cyaa be the whole a unuh daddy
Mi have mi guards up like everyday
Mi 3 points nuh go suh easy

(Pre Chorus)
Now mi feel mi need a key fi the city
One a the genna dem now would a fit mi
If mi nuh f**k fi two day it couldn’t sick mi
One time mi never too care but now mi picky

Nuh bother grudge mi fi mi things because a nuh fi you
Dem never tell you nuh fi trouble weh nuh trouble you
Somebody couldn’t tell mi seh a so it obvious
We set the place, yow a we a turn the value up

(Verse 2)
Mi nuh haffi explain mi self to no man
And mi nuh need none a unuh opinion
Just watch you tone a voice
Humble nuh brother man
Nuh meck wi haffi do the simple
Mi nuh do interviews to f**kery question
The answer to everything deh pon mi left hand
How mi fi short a words or inspiration
When in a literature mi have a distinction

Oh please yow a we a lock the city
A Kardashian no wouldn’t fit mi
Who run the place a him we dem fi give wi
Hi haffi call it seh you lucky when you si wi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Everybody vex over weh mi never seh
Dem seh mi need fi show more respect to the dead
Mi nuh understand weh some man and man a medz
But mi just couldn’t put no bubbles in a mi head
All of a sudden everybody turn the doops
Couple gyal a seh dem pregnant wid mi youth
Some elder seh dem use to send mi go a school
And dem use to buy mi chips and bag juice
It’s been too long dem live paw mi name
Still mi listen unuh song dem, unuh lame still
Mi just just a meck it clear seh wi a nuh the same still
Mi hope when unuh start f**k unuh change still

(Repeat Pre Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

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