Jeezy – Gotta Be A Man Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I’m up early in the morning tryna get it
Come to this paper I ain’t never bulls**tting
You f**king with a boss baby I be on my swazy
Just know that I’m a street ni**a so I’m a little crazy
F**ked a couple bi**hes in my past that I regret
Same bi**hes see them out in public I reject
All that carrying on like they really know a ni**a
All that carrying on like they really for a ni**a
One thing about you if my stock just dropped
Be the same bit**h with me in a cardboard box
See all these bi**hes coming baby loyalty is real
Besides a few mishaps the loyalty is there

Coming by the fires baby like the Temptations
I’m only a man that’s a lot of temptation
That alcohol and the weed yeah alter my decisions
And every now and then I be losing my religion
Yeah I might rock a few shows, f**k a few hoes
Chase that check, pursue a bankroll
Gotta keep the faith baby it’s all God’s plan
Until then I hope you understand
A man gon be a man

(Verse 2)
You could see it in my eyes just now I’m focused
When it come to greatness I’m just tryna get the closest
The haters want me gone being all that I can be
Street ni**a with a dream baby what you see in me
When you from where I’m from make it hard for you to trust
Sh*t I seen ni**as do make it hard for me to us
The line around the corner baby just know them bi**hes waiting
They want to be in your shoes hey that’s why them bi**hes hating
With a ass like that yeah that’s gotta be a crime
With a body like that yeah that’s gotta be a fine
Every night another city every day another town
Got the club going up so you know it’s going down

(Repeat Chorus)

You ain’t f**king with a weak ni**a you f**king with a street ni**a, Just know that
I’m talking grinding all week ni**a hardly ever sleep, I’m all for that
And baby one thing about it baby two things for certain don’t nothing come before this paper
And if you ever try that Ima hang up this phone and I won’t call your ass later

(Repeat Chorus)