Boogie – Catching Feelings Lyrics

(Chorus – Tink & Boogie)
You say, you say, you say, you say anything
Hope you ain’t got no place with no wedding ring
Sh*ts been seeming weird
I mean
You turned your back, did the same on you
Been acting up since the stage for you
Tell me how I never break my heart
Its crazy how we quickly fell apart
Cause I never feel less, cause I never feel less

(Verse 1 – Boogie)
Don’t tell me you love me, no
Don’t cover my eyes when its raining and tell me its sunny no
Damn, you the first to my A and the first one to
Whats cool at that bottom? That kush done got rough and it stopped looking up
You thought you was above me
I’m feeling like
You should, you should
Quit playing and come throw that pu**y on me
You should, you should
Tell your friends to stop lurking and look and see you my…when I’m tryna save up
I got, you gone f**k my faith up
I ain’t trying to see your sauna, I’ve been trying to chill out
Every time I wake up I’m reminded of the drama
You know I ain’t trying to Tink about it
Hoo! I make your heart heavy if that made you fall faster
But I ain’t trying to Tink about it
But now you out here f**king with some lame ni**as
Knowing you don’t want to be about it
Its bout time that a ni**a told you…choose up
See I ain’t trying to f**k your views up and I ain’t gotta tell you too much
Cause you say

(Repeat Chorus)