Future Diss Russell Wilson Over Ciara Engagement

Future is not too happy that his ex-girlfriend Ciara and Russell Wilson are engaged.

The couple got engaged last week at a private dinner on an island off the coast of Africa after dating for about a year. “She said yes! Making this thing happen,” the NFL quarterback tweeted.

Future, who was engaged to Ciara prior to their bitter split, hit up one of his favorite strip clubs last weekend to celebrate the engagement or throw shades.

TMZ reported that the Atlanta rapper dropped $21,000 at Vlive Dallas club on Friday night. Future seems to be in a good mood overall despite his baby mama saying yes she will marry Wilson.

Sources are saying that Future has no problem with Ciara and Russell Wilson getting hitch but is making it clear that he does not want him to play a father role to his son Baby Future.

“Future wishes her the best,” sources told Hollywoodlife. “All he cares about is his son and wants Russell to take a back seat to father duties,” the source says. “Future’s a good father and his child means everything in the world to him and he hopes Russell knows that and respects that.”

Ciara is also suing Future for defamation, a move that the rapper called BS.

Russell Wilson posted a video of their engagement on Instagram on Friday. “She said Yes!!! Since Day 1 I knew you were the one. No Greater feeling… #TrueLove @Ciara,” the Seattle Seahawks player wrote.

“I feel complete,” the R&B singer wrote.

Seems there are still some bitter feelings between Ciara and Future that will not go away anytime soon.



  1. Unfortunately all the corn bread brothers/thug wannabes how to blast this relationship.. There are few knights left in this world. If you want to keep a man out of your child’s life then be a man and be faithful. You all are on blast who think it is good to bash someone who has moved on from a womanizer/thug looking for street credit to a healthy relationship.

    Whatever.. enough of the foolish madness for all these selfish spandex males who want their cake but refuse to do much else after the baking is done but want to drag the mother through the social media zone because she has moved on.

    • Ciara was a glutton for punishment. She dated several thugs and got impregnated by one. She probably attributed thuggery to masculinity. There aren’t enough decent men out there to be sharing with women like her. Russell could easily find someone without baggage and or not in need of being rescued.

  2. I don’t think there is enough time in the world to split time between 4 kids by 4 different women. Russell can’t help but play the father role. I mean, they’re going to be living together.

  3. got me fckd up, id want my child with me #sorryNotsorry