Kalado Says That He Faces Racism In Germany While On Tour

Dancehall deejay Kalado is opening up about his recent issues of racism in Germany while on tour.

The “Personally” deejay has been on tour on Europe since last month, but says it has not been as smooth sailing as he would hope.

“I was on the train as the only black person, then out of nowhere came the police and asked to search me,” Kalado said. “I was wondering why me as the only black person, then they took me to the station and ran their search and let me go because I was clean.”

The deejay added that he arrived at his show late as a result of the encounter. But that was the second racial encounter the dancehall star says that had in Germany over the last year.

He also added that last year he had another running while he was on a flight in the European country.

“When I took my seat, a white person came and told me to get up even though the number on my ticket corresponded with the seat,” he said. “I said I wasn’t going to move and they called the security, I still stood my ground until I was eventually left alone with the assistance of my DJ who is white. He later told me that mi nuh fi feel no way but a because mi black and a suh the thing set. Maybe because it was a first-class seat that was comfortable, they felt it was too good for me.”

Kalado says that his tour in Germany will concluded within a few days but noted that he will still perform their in the future.



  1. DopeSellsEverything

    No sh**! Being surrounded by just Black People , and going to euro is always a shock!

  2. I’m confused as to why you think Germans should treat him differently. Maybe it’s the same as you not wanting certain things in your country(island) eg: homosexuals, foreigners(including blacks from other islands and countries), etc. Why are whites (in every country now!) the only ones expected to be ‘fair’?

  3. Are you serious salena? Other artists around the world tour both Europe and Africa, so why should it be different for Jamaicans? Why should they limit themselves to only Africa???

  4. He probably prefers that European money over African.