Tyler, The Creator – WHAT THE F**K RIGHT NOW Lyrics

(Intro – Tyler, the Creator & A$AP Rocky)
I’m not crazy, I’m a f**k oh s**t!
Floopy goober, motherf**ker, floopy f**king goober
They ain’t ready for what we bout to bring back!
They ain’t ready for Tyler with the green hat!
They ain’t ready for the Wang$ap, ni**as!
F**k is ni**as talking bout, ni**a?
We gon die legends!

(Verse 1 – Tyler, the Creator)
I hope you stacking
I hope you putting some money to the side, my ni**a and paying your taxes
I hope you not incriminating you and your ni**as on songs with you trapping
I hope you dressing yourself and not following ni**as opinions on fashion
I hope them cars that you driving ain’t rented just to get some comments on ‘Gram
Oh s**t, they are because you’re not the man
Low self-esteem, hide it in Lean, Xan every meal
You f**king weak and you robbing your plug?
You ain’t got no plan, but I’m not here to judge
Cause apparently you’re doing your thing
Talk your s**t, Young Ni**a!
I know they see me
Your pants got a flood, a little bit Katrina
Oh you wearing Vans and Supreme this season?
Stop lying to yourself, ni**a, me the reason
Right now
A little goonie with some nice sounds
This little groupie want the pipe now
Yeah, she eating coochie, kinda dyke now
Got a new dirt bike, wow
And it match the go kart, go skrrt now, Talk your s**t!
I really want the La Ferrari, but s**t
Can’t you lower the price down?

(Chorus – A$AP Rocky)
What the f**k right now?
What the f**k right now?
Right now, ni**a!
Right now, ni**a!
Right now, ni**a!

(Verse 2 – Tyler, the Creator)
Cause I’m not one
When it come to a vision, I ain’t got one
Rolling Stone never gave me a cover so
Umm so I shot one!
I ain’t do college, I said f**k them lessons
I ain’t join no gang, I said f**k them weapons
Grabbed the keyboard, Clancy crossed my path
Cashed my first check and said f**k depression, ni**a
Ni**a what you scared for?
Everybody lean, everybody gang know
Ni**a you a new slave, I’m an old one
Thanks to Ben Yang, still walk around with chains on, like
You ain’t seen no sh*t like mine
You ain’t seen no d*ck like mine
Naaaah, pause

(Chorus – Kanye West)
What the f**k right now?
What the f**k right now?
What the f**k right now?
What the f**k right now?
What the f**k right now?
What the f**k right now?
What the f**k right now?
What the f**k right now?
These ni**as don’t even understand! Goddamn, man!

(Verse 3 – Tyler, the Creator)
Tell you d**kheads I’ma go nuts
Ni**as told me to grow up
So I matured to a V10
I’m in a vacant lot doing donuts
There go my ego, Leggo my Eggo
Never sip syrup, shout my ni**a Scoobie
Y’all don’t want beef, let us know he can eat that bread
Cause he pushing that mayo, fuego
Respect when you see him
Boy, last album was a musical museum
Something always lost with you ni**as like Liam
Neeson, boy, you better run
Here I come, snorting glitter, portrait pictures
I don’t run with many cause their walk is bitter
Ni**as mad at T
Where the tall freckled white boys at? Cause I don’t f**k with ni**as
That’s not my homie, that’s not my woadie
That’s not my team, ni**a, they’re benchwarmers
I am a stormer, I am a trooper
I am a cooper, bring the losses now, you assume as I moved it
I run the business
I do not got time for ni**as opinions
They f**king stupid, don’t need em, don’t want em
I drop em, they’re deadweight, them ni**as useless
Neck heavy like mothaf**king bad news
Thanks to Ben Baller, walking with a hunchback
I got a new white one that I worked hard for
So the doors on my car doing jump jacks
My big bro Frankie got a Porsche
My little brother Taco got a Bimmer
If you see em around me, they eating
We all good, it’s like FEMA
But of course

(Interlude – A$AP Rocky)
Get money, ni**a! Get money!
All you funny looking ni**as back the f**k up!

(Bridge – Tyler, the Creator)
I wanted to add this
I sit in room with a to do list
Proceed to do and play acoustics, you
Sit around and look at me feeling foolish
Rolling up and make excuses, f**k it

(Outro – A$AP Rocky)
F**k them ni**as!
Aye man, aye man!
Aye I just got one mothaf**king question
Why the f**k these ni**as wanna look like me now?
Why the f**k these hoes wanna f**k a ni**a like me now?
Why the f**k these ni**as fronting like ni**as ain’t been invented the swag they running with?
Why the f**k is ni**as acting like ni**as ain’t the originators of this s**t?
Man I tell these ni**as they can die and s**k a d**k!
How was that? Cool?