Kool John ft. IamSu! & Snoop Dogg – Ahh S**t Gah Damn! Lyrics

(Chorus – Kool John)
Ahh s**t gah damn!
Gah damn, gah damn, gah damn
She tell me, she tell me that I’m the man
She tell me, she tell me that I’m the man

(Verse 1 – Kool John)
She telling me that she love me
She giving me all the cutty
My whipped cream and soda muddy
My pockets is getting chubby
Two…I wanna f**k with
I’m acting all loud in public
My verses is out your budget, bi**h
I bet your girlfriend notice me
I got a Phantom and it’s dirtier than
I bet your ex-man, he don’t make more than me
Like an R&B
She see me getting money, and she love me for it
Good d**k in my pants, and she bug me for it
I get around, I ain’t talking touring
I got thousand dollar shoes and I never wore em
Remember when I used to reach out?
Now a ni**a money longer than a beach towel
You can catch a ni**a out when the freaks out, we louder
Kill her, get the money, then it’s peace out

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Snoop Dogg)
Me and my comrade
In a room for a hoes and they all bad
I can have anyone when I want
But I can’t and I ain’t, so I don’t
You know I get it how I live homie
I keep that motherf**king thang for the pigs homie
I shoot them like I shoot you
Kick like it’s kung-fu
Mic check one-two, ahh
Lean on a ni**a like I’m in the post
Screen on a ni**a from the left coast
Big dog, living in the matrix
Big dog, we gon take it back to the basics

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – IamSu!)
I just woke up in a suite with a bad one
Everyday I’m peeling new s**t out the plastic
Called the plug from my watch, got my wrist work
One hand up her skirt, make her kiss her
10k for the verse, do…for free
She know I’m easier to find and harder to keep
That’s my new flow, my old one old
I’m a young rich ni**a from the 5-1-0
Gah damn, I’m on one again
Hopped off a plane, now I’m on one again
Rolled up a plane and she rolled one again
I’m about to crack open them Trojans again

(Repeat Chorus)

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