Beenie Man Calls Out Mavado On Instagram “Where Is Your Grammy”

Beenie Man and Mavado beef is nowhere near over. The self-proclaim king of the dancehall and the Gully Gad have been feuding since last year.

In the latest round of disses, Beenie Man took to his Instagram page to take a few shots at Mavado.

“Nuff man inn a the Big League yes, but nuff a dem never win the league yet or carry home the trophy or no medal. We always inna di league, never get relegated. MVP for ten years straight. #WeRunRoad,” Beenie wrote on his IG.

Last yeah Beenie Man and Mavado traded a few bars in diss tracks after the Gullyside name drop the dancehall legend in his single “Money A Di Right Ting” on the same Wild Wild West Riddim.

“Better of them chill like the Doc and go simmer,” Vado sings.

Beenie Man didn’t take that too likely and released a response track title “Think Mi A Simma.”

“A who da bredda deh a chat / A couldn’t me, but him say Doc / A weh do blacks, barber boy mi can tell yo something,” Beenie said.


  1. Gaza fi life inno. But hear weh mi a seh addi nuh deh yah now soh lef out addi out a dis u zimi, movado nuh inna di doctor league soh hm fi go chill cause him anno nobody cause a sell hm sell out an gone live a overseas which di doc an di killa neva duh that an dem big an hm big time a rappa hype hm. Fooooooooooooooll

  2. mavodo jus hype n wack

  3. all some a unu fool fool mavado do song wid every rapper n still whack kartel never get a cross over song yet even if u say beenie man wash up n done mavado stuck all him sing about is him house n badmind

  4. Big op to Free Worl Boss
    Bt the Doc Run the Road
    Beenie Man is the King of Dancehall

  5. u bragging bout an award u won in 2001 tho lol…plus the grammys dont mean anything, no real good artist that actually deserves to win awards win it on there anyways. Beenie man is overrated n washed up now he dont run anything. He still sounds the same as he did in 2001 lmao kartel run the road still and everyone knows it these artist are just mad n wont admit it. #FREEWORLBOSS n i know urban islandz probably going to delete this comment as u always do even tho i dont write anything different from anyone else….

  6. Beenie thief kartel slang ^run road^ and brags about it

  7. mavado have grammy capable songs, dont underestimate any bad artist. just because them no have the grammy dont mean their music dont qualify for it