Future Says That He Is Sitting On 3 R&B Album Worth Of Music

Future is perhaps the hardest working emcee out there and now the Atlanta rapping could be eyeing an R&B career.

Since the start of the year, Future has released two albums, Purple Reign and Evol. Now we are learning that he has already recorded three R&B album worth of new music.

“Future told me he sittin in 3 albums+ of RnB bangers like them ones from then… Shiiiiiiid,” Hot 97 radio host Ebro tweeted.

Would be interesting to see Future transition from hardcore rap to more soulful R&B music.

Some folks are already saying that rappers like Future are saturating the market with too much music.

Last year was a hugely successful year for the “Big Rings” rapper, who released two No. 1 albums including his joint project with Drake “What A Time To Be Alive.” Future is looking to repeat that success this year.